How I Love Twitter, Let Me Count The Ways

When I first joined Twitter, I did not see the full value. I got on because a good friend of mine and early adopter, Jim Reynolds, told me about this new service. I started following some of my former coworkers and it was almost like a constant conversation between us five or six individuals.

Fast forward to last night, I went to the 2nd annual Twestival held in Rochester, NY. This made me look back over the past year or so since the first Twestival and evaluate what value Twitter has had on my life and I would like to share that with you.

  1. Crowd Sourcing and Knowledge Sharing- Once I started looking into increasing the value of my Twitter experience, I found out that other people were willing to connect and share information and experiences. I started following subject matter experts and thought leaders on topics that were interesting to me. I then started to post my own content, or link to interesting articles to share with others. The biggest benefit was able to directly ask questions, and get answers, from many people. Most of whom I have never met.
  2. Growing My Community- At the first Twestival that I attended, Chaz Broersma showed me this unique tool called TweetDeck. I have been using it ever since. The first group I created was a Rochester, NY group which allowed me to keep track of all of the people from my area. I started following many people from my city and looked for ways to engage and start conversations. I now call a majority of these individuals in the Rochester TweetDeck column friends.
  3. Create Online Relationships and Take Them Offline- Twitter has provided me with a powerful online networking tool. I have been able to meet many more people that I would have not met otherwise. I have made it a point to get out to Social Media Club of Rochester meetings and have coffee or lunch with many others whom I have met online. This kind of goes with the last point, but I think that this is important to find opportunities to make face-to-face connections.
  4. Establish a Personal Brand- One of the first people outside of Rochester that I started to follow was Dan Schawbel. Following him lead me to be conscious of my personal brand and helped me realize that using Twitter is a great way to establish my own brand. Twitter has helped with my search rankings for my own name, but also puts content next to my name as well.
  5. How To Develop a Pull Marketing Strategy- If you are marketing anything on Twitter, you can not use a push marketing technique. I am a business development professional, and I use Twitter at times to market things that I am working on. I mentioned in a few of my other posts how I use LinkedIn for biz dev (Part I, Part II). I also use Twitter to follow prospects of interest, and engage them in conversation. I quickly learned that if you are shouting on Twitter, you are not adding value and will get ignored quickly.

This is just a small list. Perhaps I will do a follow up post on other things that I have learned from Twitter in the past year. I’m interested in what others have learned; feel free to leave a comment to let me know.

2 Thoughts on “How I Love Twitter, Let Me Count The Ways

  1. Miguel,
    Great blog post bud. Thanks for blaming me with your twitter addiction :) .

    It’s amazing how twitter can be used as a networking tool and the amount of people that you have the ability to interact with and help build your own personal knowledge, interaction and as Dan says “Personal Brand”

    Let’s see what next year has to offer.


    (PS: In many circles I’m now know as Jimmy Rey due to my twitter handle……so bizarre)

  2. Thanks Jim. You have branded yourself as Jimmy Rey, so what do you expect? Although, your close friends and colleagues know your true identity.

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