The Biz Dev Side of LinkedIn; Part II

In my first post on The Biz Dev Side of Linked In, I wrote about the ability to use LinkedIn search to find out who you should be looking to connect with and how you can use the information posted to create a relationship. Now, in this post, I will explain other methods of using this great social media and connection tool to drive your business development efforts forward.

LinkedIn allows people to join groups and professional associations right from their own computer. No need to go out to networking events, conversations and networking opportunities take place every day. As a sales professional, it is imperative to join groups that can help execute the business development strategy of the organization.

Many people on LinkedIn join alumni associations, or employer run groups. The real benefit comes from joining groups and associations related to the industry that you are selling into. Within these groups, conversations are taking place, conversations where you may be able to add value and gain exposure. These conversations will assist in letting you know the “pain points” that your target buyers are having. If you are able to provide assistance, that person may end up buying from you!

Joining these groups also provides another great benefit, increasing your prospect list. A quick view of the group members provides sales professionals with the ability to identify prospects, determine if they are a decision maker or influencer, and see if he or she is active in group discussions. Even more important, it provides a way to send a message directly to the prospect. Just be careful to abide by any rules in the group, and to make sure that the messages are conversational. Remember, building a relationship is more important than going right for the sale the first time.

I hope that this information is helpful. I would appreciate the feed back. As always, if you have any examples of how these tips have helped, please leave a comment. (On a side note, these tools also are valuable for job seekers as well)

Happy hunting!

2 Thoughts on “The Biz Dev Side of LinkedIn; Part II

  1. Great tips here, Mickie. I’m still struggling to get a real handle on LinkedIn, and this definitely helps. I can see how your suggestions would help someone like me who is looking for a job in the near future. I’ll try out some of your tips and let you know how they worked for me.

  2. Thanks Jay. I hope they do help you. Searching for a job is much like looking to make a sale. In today’s environment, you need to be more proactive and targeted. Glad I could help.

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