Social Media Is The New Green

Social media is the new green. Just like many companies jumped on the “environmentally friendly” workplace bandwagon a few years ago, many companies are doing the same for social media. However, social media is not as easy as putting a few blue bins around the office and adding a footer at the end of your email that asks not to print it.

I have spoken to numerous companies about social media, and my favorite comment is one that I have heard many times over, “We have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account, we are fine.” Usually, the “we are fine” part was said with a little apprehension. I would usually follow this up with a question about how they got started.

I was surprised to learn that many companies called their youngest employees together, gathered them in a meeting room and picked their brain on social media. I could never come to understand how the new graduate from accounting, the sales guy that’s been out of school for two years, the girl from marketing with the iPhone, the recent MBA with a finance background, and the marketing director of 20 years can develop an effective social media campaign. The outcome of this would be a social media plan that has no strategy, goals, or objectives.

Social media is not as easy as instituting a company wide recycling program. It is more like looking at methods of energy reduction. You would not have the pimpled face noob from accounting look at different types of green energy, why would you let him design your social media plan?

What do you think is the best way to design a social media plan? Should companies rely on the knowledge of younger workers because they may use social sites for personal use?

2 Thoughts on “Social Media Is The New Green

  1. Miguel – I think the answer is probably not, however, their “expertise” as users might be incorporated into a broader strategic plan to develop a social media plan. BTW.. saw that you found the article of interest since I think it aligns with your objectives. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Miguel (It feels weird saying that!). I agree that polling individuals is good for some user feedback, but to help develop a strategy is probably not best served. I hope more companies look to hire people that can assist them or look outside for some assistance.

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